christine cohen park

Christine Cohen Park grew up in Sussex. After receiving an MA from the University of Sussex she worked at Andre Deutsch, then as a literary agent, before writing her first novels Joining the Grown-ups and The Househusband which were published by Heinemann and well received. Her anthology Close Company, co-edited with Caroline Heaton, published by Virago, was selected as one of the ten best women’s books for 1992. It was followed by Caught in a Story, also with Caroline Heaton.


Christine lived in British Columbia for a decade, part of it on a remote island on the approach to Desolation Sound. The experience of living in a stunning, threatened place on the edge of wilderness, provided the background to her book A Key to Lock Out Cougars, published in association with the Cortes Archive Centre. 


After returning to England in 2000, she taught at Bath Spa and then at Sussex University. While on research trips to Israel and the Occupied Territories, she wrote articles concerning the plight of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Journal of a Wishy-washy Liberal Travelling in Israel and Palestine, was published in the Jewish Quarterly, the second, Pockets of Hope in European Judaism Summer 2018.

An underlying thread in Christine’s writing is the impact of current events and cultural dynamics on individual lives. Her short stories and prose pieces have been published by, amongst others: The Jewish Quarterly, The University of Melbourne Press, European Judaism, the Lewes Needlewriters’ anthology, The University of Plymouth Press.


She has just completed The Stubborn History, the first of two or more loosely-linked novels which examine the consequences of an act of betrayal on two families across three generations in England, Israel and Palestine. 


Christine lives in Sussex, at the foot of the South Downs with her partner and two dogs.