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Christine's novels and collections of short stories
joining the grownups cover
Joining the Grown-ups         

At eighteen, Josie considers herself all grown up. But Josie has one more step to take. She wants to be part of her mother's life. And so, against her father's advice, she leaves her home in Canada for London and the mother she hasn't seen since she was a child. The woman Josie remembers was at the centre of a busy family, but now she is a successful literary agent, living with another woman. When Josie comes barging into her mother's life with her needs and her good intentions she stirs up the present as well as the past - and discovers that in learning about her mother she also learns about herself.


"A born storyteller .... the stuff of which the best sort of best-seller is made"   - The Times

"An ebullient novel; I enjoyed it immensely"  - Daily Telegraph

Heinemann     ISBN 0-14-009991-3

The Househusband            

When Tony lost his job as a manager of a West End record store, it seemed logical for him to stay at home and look after the baby whilst his wife continued her increasingly successful publishing career.

Seven years and another child later he is at his wits end; pride and confidence destroyed. He meets Alex by chance on Hampstead Heath. Young, attractive and bored with her A-levels, she responds to his desperate need for company. Each offers the other a respite from the monotony of their lives.

But changing seasons bring a changing pattern of need. The fragile world they share with the children on the Heath, and the stability of Tony's family are both undermined by his wife's violent jealousy. As their feelings become deeper and more dangerous, there are painful choices to be made.

"Confirms Christine Park's reputation as a major literary talent"  - The Times


 Heinemann      ISBN 0-434-57742-1

househusband book cover
close company cover
Close Company                  

​edited with Caroline Heaton


In this stunning collection of stories about mothers and daughters the world over, tales of pleasure and sadness, devotion and ambivalence, curiosity and bewilderment mix, just as they do in real life. Ranging widely in time and place, the twenty-five stories here, with their variety of experience and emotion, offer intriguing perpectives on this complex and powerful bond.

Authors include Margaret Atwood, Colette, Janet Frame, Zhang Jie, Sylvia Plath and Jeanette Winterson.


"Rich and culturally diverse...... It succeeds beautifully as a collection"  - The Listener

Virago     ISBN 0-86068-888-7

Caught in a Story

edited with Caroline Heaton

The fairytale has been a popular and enduring genre for centuries, using all the power and enchantment of the archetype to reach deep into our unconscious. This anthology of contemporary fairy tales and fables demonstrates the appeal this age-old form still has for modern writers as a way of illuminating life's rites of passage and psychological transitions. 

This rich and varied collection of twenty stories, many appearing for the first time, work together providing a subversive, sidelong glance at ourselves and the world.

The authors include A.S. Byatt, Ben Okri, Margaret Atwood, Jorge Luis Borges, Doris Lessing, John Berger, Michael Bracewell, Leonora Carrington and Tatyana Tolstaya

Vintage     ISBN 0-09-986420-7

caught in a story cover
cougars book cover
A Key to Lock Out Cougars        

In 2005, writer Giles Colvin arrives from London on the island of Cortes, British Columbia. He’s there to research the life of its most famous, and reclusive inhabitant, the naturalist Deirdre Delapp. As Giles attempts to explore the intricacies of Delapp’s life, the resistant locals revisit their own stories – those they are prepared to share, and those they are not. When the harshest of winters sets in, Giles is marooned on Delapp’s neighbouring small island with only her companion of 30 years, Rig Torsen, for company. Rig is as determined to hold on to his memories as Giles is to probe them. A Key to Lock Out Cougars is a love story, an environmental thriller and an examination of the tension between conservation and the impetus for growth. It explores the nature of change and loss, and what it is that endures in a fragile environment. 

ISBN 978-1-62407-940-5                   

Other Publications

L.A Light, The Jewish Quarterly

Lost in the Wilderness, The Jewish Quarterly

That Spark of a Boy, The Needlewriters Anthology


 Non fiction

Journal of A Wishy-Washy Liberal: Travelling through Israel and Palestine:  Jewish Quarterly - 2014

Pockets of Hope:  European Judaism - 2017

Sons as their Mothers' Memoirists, (Melbourne University)

A Comparison of Blake Morrison’s books about his father and his mother (University of Plymouth)

Reviews, including of Gabriel Josipovici’s A Life, (The Jewish Quarterly)

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